Floristic Indices and ion content of Some Medicinal Plants along Sand Dunes Altitude in Cholistan Desert of Pakistan

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Ghulam Yasin
Iqra Anwer
Aqsa Ahmad
Adeela Altaf
Shahzadi Saima
Asma Kanwal


The present study was conducted to explore the nutrient ions status, their uptake ratio and floristic indices of some medicinal plants of Cholistan desert of Pakistan from Drawar fort area. Vegetations on sand dunes of approximately equal size were evaluated with three replications. In soil of zone 1 (top of dune), maximum frequency (100) of Caligonum polygonoides and minimum (33.34) of Salsola imbricata and Capparis decidua were recorded. In soil of zone 2, maximum frequency (100) of Caligonum polygonoides while minimum (33.33) of Calotropis procera while in zone 3, 100% frequency of lonely species Symbopogon jawarancusa was observed. In soil of zone 1, maximum concentrations were of sodium (Na), bicarbonate (HCO3), nitrogen ((N) and organic matter (OM) while in soil of zone 2, EC, pH, phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) were maximum. Leaf K and Na were the highest (27.10mg/g) and (118.36mg/g) respectively in Prosopis cineraria. Leaf P was the highest (0.42mg/g) in Prosopis cineraria also. Maximum stem Na (333.00mg/g) was in Salsola imbricata. In flowers, highest P (0.42mg/g) was found in flower of Salsola imbricata.

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