Adsorption Potential of Saccharum Bengalense Retz to Remove Malachite Green Dye from Aqueous Solution

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Abdul Manan Pathan
Khan Muhammad Brohi
Rasool Bux Mahar
Rafi Zaman Brohi
Amanullah Mahar


The present research study aimed to assess the ability of Saccharum Bengalense Retz (SBR) for adsorption of carcinogenic dye malachite green (MG) from aqueous solution. The adsorbent was characterized by the techniques such as (SEM and FTIR). The analysis was conducted by different batch experiments in which effect of pH, dose, concentration of initial dye, and contact time were used as factors. The MG removal for equilibrium of adsorption reached up to 99% at 10ppm with 100mg dose of the adsorbent. The data of experimental work determined in respect of Langmuir adsorption isotherm and Freundlich isotherms was R2 of 0.9892 and R2 of 0.8313 respectively. The results suggested that Saccharum Bengalense Retz (SBR) could be used as an effective adsorbent in the industrial scale to remove the harmful carcinogenic dye MG.

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