Influence of Water Sources on Yield and Composition of Kundhi Buffalo Milk

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Mariyam Khalid
Huma Rizwana
Dr. Ghulam Shabir Barham
Atique Ahmed Behan
Noor un Nisa Mari
Gul Bahar Khaskheli
Muhammad Naeem Rajput
Memoona Khalid
Khalique Dino Mahesar


Current study was conducted to observe the influence of canal water and ground water on the milk production and its physico-chemical attributes of Kundhi buffalo at the Milk Ocean Dairy Farms Gaddap Town Karachi and Department of Livestock management, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Sindh Agriculture University Tando jam during the year of 2020. Twenty (n=20) lactating Kundhi buffaloes of same parity and lactation stage were selected, and divided in to two groups. Group-1 offered with canal water and group-2 watered with ground water. The average per time milk yield of Kundhi buffalo offered canal water was recorded significantly (P<0.05) higher than buffalo watered with ground water. Milk pH was numerically varied in both groups, while density noted notably (P<0.05) higher in milk of Kundhi buffalo directed with canal water compared to ground water. Milk protein, fat, lactose, total solids and solid not fat contents were found significantly (P<0.05) higher in milk of Kundhi buffaloes offered canal water than drunk ground water. In vice versa, total salt contents were noted comparatively (P<0.05) higher in milk of Kundhi buffaloes offered ground water than animals drunk canal water. It is concluded from the results of the study amongst both source of drinking water, canal water could be a better choice of to be offered as drinking water for Kundhi buffaloes to improve their production potential, nutritional quality of the milk.

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Mariyam Khalid, Huma Rizwana, Barham, D. G. S., Behan, A. A., Mari, N. un N., Khaskheli, G. B., Rajput, M. N., Memoona Khalid, & Mahesar, K. D. (2023). Influence of Water Sources on Yield and Composition of Kundhi Buffalo Milk. Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 55(01), 17-21.

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