Body composition and its effects on Glucose metabolism in Obese and non-obese adult males

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Benazir Mahar
Jamshed Warsi
Tazeen Shah
Rozina Mangi


The prevalence of obesity is rising and is regarded as a global issue. Excessive fat deposition in the body is a complex medical problem that has a negative impact on health and increases the risk of developing several illnesses. The current study is aimed to observe the effects of total body fat on the HbA1c levels in normal, non
-diabetic, and apparently healthy male adults. A case/control study was conducted in which total body fat was obtained by the BIA method, anthropometric indices were recorded, and HbA1c was done. The mean total body fat in the normal group aged between 30-39 years was 21.95±2.8 and in the same group mean total body fat in obese is observed as 33.3±3.8, similarly, in the age group 40-49 years the mean TBF observed in the non-obese is 19.3±3.7 whereas, mean TBF in the obese group is 32.8±5.1. In the case of HbA1c 10 (14.2%) participants in an obese group of the age group 30-39 show HbA1c in the pre-diabetic range however, 1(1.4%) participant in normal body composition shows pre-diabetic HbA1c. Whereas among participants of age Group 40-49, 13(27%) participants in the obese group and 02 (4.1%) in the non-obese showed Hba1c in the pre-diabetic range. Profound differences were observed in the glucose parameter of healthy obese and non-obese participants. The people with more body fat showed de-ranged HbA1c levels. 



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Mahar, B., Jamshed Warsi, Shah, T., & Rozina Mangi. (2022). Body composition and its effects on Glucose metabolism in Obese and non-obese adult males. Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 54(3), 5-9.