Multi-functional finishing of cotton fabric with Nanoparticles by sol-gel coating

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Junaid Kalhoro
Awais Khatri
Pardeep Kumar Gianchandani
Abdul khalique Jhatial
Aijaz Ahmed Babar
Sheeraz Ahmed Memon


Cotton fiber is the most widely used natural fiber owing to its superior comfort. Additionally, its abundant availability, decent mechanical and thermal characteristics give an edge over its counterparts. However, improving its surface properties to endow desired functionalities for targeted applications remains a challenging task. Herein, we report multifunctional finishing of cotton fabric using the sol-gel coating technique. For that purpose, a composite solution containing different ratios of silver, titania, and silica nanoparticles (Ag/TiO2/SiO2) was prepared. The prepared solution was uniformly applied via dip-pad-dry-pad-cure process and crosslinked with cotton fabric using citric acid as a cross-linking agent. Sol-gel coated fabric exhibited decent antibacterial, high ultraviolet (UV) resistance, considerable self-cleaning and soil release, and excellent water repellency. Furthermore, sol-gel coated samples offered improved whiteness and durable performance against multiple washing cycles.

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Kalhoro, J., Khatri, A., Gianchandani, P. K., Jhatial, A. khalique, Babar, A. A., & Memon, S. A. (2023). Multi-functional finishing of cotton fabric with Nanoparticles by sol-gel coating. Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 54(2). Retrieved from