Analysis of Facebook contents of Police Department of Pakistan in the context of Good Governance

Keywords: Facebook, Content Analysis, Data Mining, Good Governance, Police Department, Pakistan


In the age of globally connected world, media platform and public networksare vital source of enormous data. This data can be very important to gain knowledge from it, which could be advantageous for decision making and future predictions. Facebook is a well-known public network website with millions of active users and millions of posts per day. Government officials of various departments use this as a platform to update people regarding their initiatives. In this paper, the public network data of the police departments of the four provinces of Pakistan is analyzed through data mining, and the services provided by the selected departments are highlighted. The result of this research highlights the major contribution of the police department of Pakistan in terms of good governance. Along with, the common issues which are faced at the various provinces of Pakistan are also highlighted. The findings are verified using valid sources. The results reflect that for studied four provinces of Pakistan, the keywords arrest, accuse and investigation of kidnappers, arm dealers, drug dealers, murderers, robberies and other street crimes are prominent. However, the prominent findings of each province are discussed in results.