Reproductive Aspects of Puntius ticto from Dafri Lake, Badin, Sindh, Southern Pakistan

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District Badin. The Sampling was carried out from February 2015 to November 2015 and fresh fish specimens were brought to the Fisheries Science Laboratory, Department of Fresh Water Biology and Fisheries, in Ice Box for further analysis. Each fish was measured for total length (cm) and total weight (g) separately for male and female. The fish were dissected and their gonads were removed and weighed, the same were used for fecundity analysis. Fecundity was estimated by gravimetric method. Gonado-Somatic Index (GSI) was analyzed with the formula GSI= (GW × 100)/BW. Egg size was measured under binocular microscope.In total 256 specimens (combined sex) were analyzed for the study, there were 105 male and 151 female individuals, making a female and male percentage 58.98 % and 41.015 %, respectively. The total length and weight of male P. ticto ranged between 4.0 -9.4 cm and 3.8-12.3 g, respectively, whereas the length and weight of female P. ticto ranged between 5.4-10.2 cm and 5.2-15.2 g, respectively. Female analyzed during study were larger than male.Maximum values of Gonado-Somatic Index were observed in August (6.32) followed by a decline then after, indicating a single spawning season.Fecundity of P. ticto ranged between 433.5-2625.5, with average values of 1363.7±614.99. Correlation between fecundity and body parameters (Total length, Total weight and Gonadal weight) extracted higher R2 values with total weight of fish.Information on reproductive biology of P. ticto will be helpful for developing and application of breeding and conservation strategies of this species.

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JAGSI, A. S., SOOMRO, A. N., BALOCH2. A., KHASKHELI, R. I., GHANGHRO, A. M., & QAMBRANI, G. R. (2022). Reproductive Aspects of Puntius ticto from Dafri Lake, Badin, Sindh, Southern Pakistan. Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 54(2).


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