Comparative analysis of Genomic DNA extraction protocols: Maxi-Preparation of Quality DNA for Genetic Evaluation

  • Z. NAEEM
  • S. MASUD
  • M. NAEEM
Keywords: Catla catla, Isolation, DNA, Methods


High yields of extracted DNA from tissues for a number of molecular research work are depended on acquiring tissues that should not highly degraded and must give a sufficient yield of DNA. Current experiments were performed on tissues using various methods, the DNA extraction can be done to get high quality and quantity of DNA. DNA was extracted from preserved tissues after specified intervals; quantification was performed using spectrophotometer and polymerase chain reaction amplifications through identification primers. Genomic DNA extraction method was used for good quantity and reproducibility for molecular markers studies. Phenol-chloroform method agreed clear, reproducible, and high quality of bands and the purity near was 1.7. For DNA isolation four DNA extraction methods were compared. The concentration, purity, and amplificability of DNA were tested. The results revealed the variability among extraction procedures in terms of DNA quality and quantity in catla catla muscle tissue processed under different processing technologies.