Compatibility of Novel Chemical Compounds Against Helicoverpa armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Field and Laboratory Condition

  • A. M. AHMED
  • B. A. BUGHIO
  • A. M. RAHOO
  • A. ZACHI
  • S. A. ANSARI
  • D. M. SOOMRO
  • S. A. ANSARI
Keywords: Helicoverpa Armigera, Pesticides, Mortality and Chickpea


The present study has been carried out to record the performance of different pesticides against Helicoverpa armigera which is to be considered as one of the most destructive insect pests of chickpea. The field experiment was conducted at Pulse Section, ARI, Tandojam during the Rabi season 2017-18. Four different pesticides i.e. Emamectin benzoate 2.1EC, Indoxacarb 16.5EC, Flubendiamide 39.4SC and Emamectin benzoate + Lufenuron 2.7SC were applied. The results showed that after application of variable sprays, a significant reduction in pest population was observed at different intervals in field condition. The overall reduction percentage in pest population was the highest when Emamectin benzoate sprayed 2.1EC (63.92% at 24hrs, 62.03% at 48hrs, 60.00% at 72hrs and 58.90% at 1week) followed by Indox a carb. However, when Emamectin benzoate was added with Lufenuron 2.7SC, the results were not satisfactory. In, addition, Flubendiamide 39.4SC was also effective against pest but slow in action. Similarly, in laboratory bioassay, the best LT50 (17.72 hrs) and LT90 (51.25 hrs) were also observed at Proclaim at 50 ppm which further confirmed that this pesticide need short time to kill 50-90% targeted pest population. Therefore, Emamectin benzoate is highly suggested against H. armigera to reduce its population below economic threshold level.