Monitoring and Controlling Access to Privacy Sensitive Resources of Android System

  • S. JAN,
  • A. RAUF
  • R. SAEED
  • N. M. FANCY
  • F. Q. KHAN
  • G. AHMAD
  • K. AZAM
Keywords: Security, Privacy, Android Applications, Resources


Android is the most popular platform because of its open source architecture, ease of access to market and popular Application Programming Interface (API) among the developer’s community. It has a popular permission management system to control access to system resources and user data. However, recently several third-party applications are found abusing the android permission system. Such applications misuse the granted permissions without user knowledge. Some of the researchers have proposed permission managers which revoke the third-party application permissions to stop the misuse. Although such security applications allow users to revoke the app permissions, however, it is difficult for the users to differentiate between a genuine resource access and a malicious access. In this research work, a security application has been developed that presents useful monitoring information to users to help them in deciding on which applications should be restricted from using the phone resources and data. It monitors applications' and systems' activities (e.g., process importance, screen on/off information) and calculates the corresponding risk to notify user about the resource access. If further enables the user to revoke the granted permissions to an android application by considering such resource access reports.