An Evaluation of Open Source Learning Management System Software in e-Learning

  • A. IMRAN
  • M. U. AHMED
  • S. FARID
Keywords: Open Source, E-learning, Communication Tools, Online Interaction


The use of e-learning is increasing in the educational sector. New tools and technologies are being introduced to blend the technology within educational boundaries. The most important tools used to implement e-learning is the Learning Management System. There are large number of LMS available which are being used by the universities, colleges and schools. The selection of LMS is critical for the success of any e-learning system. This paper compares seven open source LMS i.e. Moodle, ATutor, Chamilo, Claroline, Efront, Docebo and Dokeos. The comparison is made on the basis of technical parameters and the communication tools. It has been made through practical installation and literature review. The results show that all the LMS are cross platform and based on PHP technology. All of the them have My Sql as the backend database. MOODLE and Atutor have additional support for Microsoft and Oracle. Both of them also provide the maximum communication sub tools. The specifications of e-learning standards were found to be more diversely described in different LMS. The comparison will help the administrators and educators to set a criterion according to their needs and adopt LMS which is suitable for their requirements.