Emergence of major drug resistant transport family Conserved proteins in fungi

  • M. S. YAQUB
Keywords: Neurosporacrassa, major conserved domain, ATP binding cassettes, ABC proteins, Drug resistance.


Fungal genome have highest number of the ATP binding cassette (ABC) superfamily PDR (Pleotropic drug resistance) sub divided into MDR (multi drug resistance) and MFS (major facilitator family). The major conserved domain of the super family comprised of various alpha helix proteins in form of ATP binding cassettes as transmembrane. Another conserved (NTP) nucleotide binding domain contained of conserved amino acids is more crucial domain of super family. ABC proteins are majorly involved in transport across cytoplasm and plasma membrane for the number of substrates as proteins, amino acids, ions and drugs. According to the recent studies yeast and Neurosporacrassahave highest number of orthologs and is the best model to uncover the underlying phenomena of drug resistance for the better understanding. There is dearth of study on the existence of drug transport proteins in pathogenic fungi. Study have focused on the emergence of CDR, MDR and MRS family major drug resistant transport proteins in various fungal groups.