Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Using Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) for Crop Health Identification

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Imtiaz Ali Brohi
Najma Imtiaz Ali
Najmu uddin sohu
Barkat Ali Laghari
Muhammad Najam Shaikh


Human survival and existence have depended on agriculture and livestock products since the early days of human civilization when they started cultivating land for various products. However, growth in population increased the demand for efficient agriculture production with high quality and quantity to meet the needs of society, and this cannot be accomplished through traditional methods. Hence, routine agriculture production methods should be changed to match the advanced methods in today’s era. In this paper, we shall explore the technological advancement for assisting farmers during farming to utilize the technology fully; most companies are now involved in producing more intelligent and reliable devices to support and enhance the productivity of agricultural and industrial supplies. These solutions not only focus on providing real-time information about crop yield, soil health, pest management, herbicide resistance, weather forecasting, and weed management but can provide information based on the analysis of vast amounts of data available through drones and satellites. Artificial Intelligence and Image processing applications are yet to be utilized at their full potential for various reasons, including cost, availability, and awareness about the products offered by technology producers. While AI-driven and imaging methods have significantly enhanced the capability of monitoring plantations in developed countries, the usage of advanced methods can be cost-effective and increase the effectiveness of labor and time along with the usage of cameras for pest and disease identification, nutrient and yield monitoring related with inquiring about plant condition but undeveloped countries are still far behind in utilization of these advances in technology. This paper presents the current trends, challenges, and applications of technology in agriculture. 

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Brohi, I. A., Najma Imtiaz Ali, Najmu uddin sohu, Barkat Ali Laghari, & Muhammad Najam Shaikh. (2023). Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Using Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) for Crop Health Identification. Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 55(02), 56-62.