A Simple Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for K & Ku Band Applications

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The microstrip patch antennas have become famous around the world due to their multifold advantages such as these antennas are easy to fabricate, they are less bulky, smaller in size and economical. Aside from this, patch antennas are being used in a variety of wireless communication systems for various applications which include aircrafts, space technology, cellular communication and satellite communication. One of the major drawbacks of using these antennas is that they usually have comparatively smaller or narrow bandwidth. In this paper, an attempt has been made to overcome the aforementioned issue by enhancing parameters of a patch antenna with a simple rectangular design. The simple design makes it easy to fabricate with minimal difference in simulated and actual parameters. The required results are obtained by simply etching two slits on the patch and changing the width of the feedline. The overall band thus acquired is about 11.4 GHz with directivity of 8.771dBi and Gain of 6.084 dB at 24 GHz. In order to get the desired results, the substrate material used is Rogers RO4350B with an epsilon value of 3.48. The overall size of the antenna is 14.31×9.2mm2.

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M. B. KHAN, G.AHMAD, M. I. BABAR, & F. ALI. (2020). A Simple Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for K & Ku Band Applications . Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 51(1). Retrieved from https://sujo.usindh.edu.pk/index.php/SURJ/article/view/897