About the Journal

Introduction to the Journal

The research journal “ TAHQIQ was published in 1987 under the supervision of Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan  and the first editor  was

Dr.Najm-ul-Islam. Dr.Syed Javed Iqbal is the editor of the research journal “ TAHQIQ and 40 issues have been published.

From its inception till date, the journal has been of special importance in the academic and literary circles in terms of its style, temperament, and quality and has been at the forefront of spreading research activities in universities.

Aims of the Journal

The prime objective of the journal is to provide a forum for the scholars engaged in the research on Urdu Language and Literature; it also explores the neglected avenues for research of such a language whose history is stretched more than eight hundred years.

Scope of the Journal

Topics and Areas covered by the Journal i.e.

  • Principles of research,
  • research issues,
  • translations,
  • literary manuscripts,
  • literary letters
  • literary attributes
  • History of Urdu language
  • Linguistics