The Study of ancient Urdu Letter writing.

  • Rasheed Ahmed


This article presents the ancient history letter writing and its origin, traditions also discussed in the light of old languages, Nations and their Holy books which proved that the relationship of pen and writing is very old and Allah introduced it by His Holy prophets Hazrat Idrees AS and he was first one to write letter in Saryani language, in other side the letters of Hazrat Sulaiman AS and Muhammad P.B.U.H found in the Holy Quran are also part of the concerned history. Beside it the tradition of latter writing in the people of Jordan and Rome also present in it. Where is in India the above said tradition is found in Hindus's book "Shri Mad Bhagut Puran" and in also "Gru Garnath Sb" which belongs to Sikh religion. Similarly, in this article the background of Urdu letter writing has been discussed through history which contains to 2000 B.C.