Biographical memoirs (Tazkira) of Urdu poets and biographical memoir writing (Tazkira nigari)-A Study.

  • Mahar Muhammad Aijaz Sabir


Dr. Farman Fathepuri (1926-2013), a prominent research Scholar and Urdu Prose Writer are very well known all over the world, as a researcher, critic, linguist, and teacher of Urdu. He devoted his life to the progress of the Urdu language and literature. He was familiar with the importance of Urdu literature and did the Scholarly work for the promotion of the Urdu language and left around sixty-two books behind him." Urdu Shuraa kay Tazkray our Tazkra Nigari" is his research work on which the University of Karachi awarded him the degree of D.Litt. In this article, an analytical study of this research work published in a book in 1998 is presented.