Khanzada Dialect and Its Role in origination and Evolution of Urdu Language

  • Israr ul Haq Khanzada
  • Dr. Syed Javed Iqbal


Mewat (Rajisthan) is the homeland of khanzada, Jado Rajput ruled Mewat and it remained a strong hold fort of these Jadu Rajputs (Khanazadas), A Member or these Jadu Rajput ruler family, Raja Sanpar pal Jadu Bansi Rajput, embraced Islam on the hand of Hazrat Naseer Uddin Charagh Dehlvi (R.A) during the reign of Feroz Shah Thughluq, Ruler of Dehli sultanate. He was given the Islamic name of Raja Bhadhur Nahar Khan beg the ruler of the Dehli, Raja Bahadur Nahar Khan laid the foundation of Independent sovereign Khanzada state Mewat, which continue nearly Two hundred years. Khanzada Dialect of Mewat (Rahisthan) in an old dialect, after the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the whole Khanzada nation migrated to Pakistan settled in Sindh, now dealect which belong to Khanzadas, Now called Khanzada dialec. These dialect originate from Sanskrat an Aryan dialect and also called Khanzada dialect. These dialect belong to the suburbs of Dehli. It should be considered that Mewat region is the nearest region to Dehli. It is, therefore, the Role of khanzada dialect established in the creation and development of the Urdu language. This research study is present in this article.