Dr Ilyas Ishqi Aur Waadi-E-Mehran

  • Abdul Salam Adil
  • Dr. Syed Javed Iqbal


Dr. Ilyas Ishqi was born in Jaipur, India, and migrated to Sindh, Pakistan after partition in 1947. He was greatly contributed to the literature of Persian, Punjabi, Urdu, and Sindhi. With a special focus on his contributions to the Sindhi language, the prominent writers of Sindhi, and the literature of Sindh, this article briefly reviews his life, interest in, and services for the literature of different languages during his service postings in several cities. Dr. Ilyas Ishqi left footprints of his remarkable work in every area he touched in language and literature. Similarly, he proved his deep relationship with the people of Sindh, and its language and literature. He not only wrote a poetic translation of the works of notable poets of Sindh from the ancient and modern era. His translation work was p u b l i s h e d w i t h a t i t le " Mo u j Mo u j Meh r a n " i n 1 9 7 3 b y Anjuman-e-Traqqi-e-Urdu (Organization for the Development of Urdu). His Sindhi poetry, essays, and articles are commonly found in Sindhi Language magazines. His articles and essays written in Sindhi are of high merit, which speaks volumes of his love and devotion to the Sindhi Language and literature. Expressing his affection for the people of Sindh, eminent writers of Sindh its language and literature, Dr. Ishqi introduced literary wealth o