The Services of "Oraq" for promotion Urdu Literature

  • Faiz Akabar
  • Dr. Syed Javed Iqbal


Literary magazines play a vital role in their publications and explanations. The history of Literary magazines of Urdu is about 200 years old, during this period there are many magazines that were published in Urdu and performed services for Research, Criticism , creative writing, translations in Urdu Language wich "Oraq" one of them. In 1966 it was first time published under the Editor Ship of Dr. Wazir Agha who was a great and multi-talented Urdu personality. His contribution to the promotion of Urdu literature is markeable and under his supervision "Oraq" achieved great success amongst other Literary magazines were publishing that time, these are reasons that genius personalities of Urdu language and literature have participated in the "Oraq" i.e. Dr. Syed Abdullah, Dr. Waheed Qureshi, Dr. M.A Siddiqui, Dr. Ibadat Barelvi, Dr. Jamil Jalbi, Dr. Saleem Akhter, Prof. Nazir Siddiqui, Prof. Syed Waqar Azim, Prof. Mumtaz Hussain, and others. In this article the introduction of literary services of "Oraq" for promotion of Urdu Literature has been presented as well as the introduction of Editor / co-Editors are also included with various index.