The influence of Persian interstice on Sindhi Language on literature.

  • Dr. Fayaz Latif
  • Dr. Rehana Nazir


Persian is one the literary language of the world which has not only been influenced by many developed languages from many aspects but also has made impact on many languages itself. it has given a creative and healthy touch to sindhi language too. In different periods of history many scholars, saints, sages, thinkers, preachers, poets, literary figures and man of letters like: Pir Sadaruddin, Mir Shams, Mir Moeen, Syaed Shurallah, Qalandar Shahbaz and others came from lran to sindh and made this land their permanent place of residence. Their advent in sindh revolutionized mysticism as well as transforming sindhi literature altogether. They brought novelty to mysticism and the traditional way of expression. The poetic message and the eay of expression of Hafiz Sheerazi, Umar Khayam, Romi, Jami, Rodki, Ataar, Fridosi and many other poets reached sindh in letter and spirit and the great poets and literary figure like: Qazi Qadan, Shah Lutufuallah Qadri, Makhdoom Nooh, Khwaja Muhammad Zaman, Shah Abdul Latif and Sachal Sarmast could not spare themselves from the influence of their melodious way of expression. The reflection of the inspiration of the Persian can very easily be observed in the literary works of above mentioned man of letters.