Messages in Sindhi Poetry

  • Dr. Rashid ullah “Makhmoor” Bukhari


Sindhi poetry from its earliest period up to present epoch has encapsulated higher messages and goals, including love for humanity and land. This message can help us to achieve unity, brotherhood and religious harmony. Sindhi poetry in its different periods such as Classical, Uroozi Persian metricalor traditional and modern has delineated this message that human beings have very place in the universe. It exhorts residents of this land to forget petty difference and sectarian and establish brotherhood. Sindhi poets have sung the song of love. When we forget the concepts of Love, peace, tolerance, brotherhood, unity, religious harmany, then peace and prosperty of this land badly affected. Resultingly sacrosanct religious places, educational institutes, markets and even homes are not safe. Amongst the languages of Pakistan, Sindhi poetry still cherishes and contains above mentioned goal, whose understanding and implementation will led us to bring about long lasting peace, unity, brother hood and religious harmony.