Social consciousness of women in Urdu novels of Baluchistan

  • Humera Saddozai
  • Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Khattak


The writers play a vital role to enhance the mental and intellectual capability of the society,and bring it on the right track due to which people feel easy to follow the right direction. Every society has social and moral evils..These writers create such literature to reform the society which promote positive attitudes. In Balochistan urdu novel is an important genre. In Balochistan with the progress of urdu novel uptil now the great novelist came in limelight.The women novelist played a vital role in literature. and they created literary and thought provoking literature.These novelist fully represented civilizalional values and are known for their creative ability.In literary fiction of Balochistan,writers particularly women have produced novels having social awareness,civilizational and moral values. keywords: intellectual, society, evils, genre, promote, limelight, literary.