Professor Abdul Haque as an Iqbal’s expert (with special reference to “Bayaz-e-Iqbal”)

  • Dr. Muhammad Amir Iqbal


Iqbal's diary demands deep study. Genius thoughts of Iqbal are hidden in this diary. After the study of this diary, the reader considers that Iqbal's thoughts are very intellectual, political, religious, social, and economic. Whenlqbal wrote this diary, he was in severe mental and economical crisis. Despite this, Iqbal's thoughts appear to be tremendous and fierce. Prof. Abdul Haq has not only given importance to the translation but also emphasized the linking continuance. By translating this diary, he has made Iqbal's thoughts and philosophy more powerful, by adding to its uniquely. Prof. Abdul Haq did not make poetic expressions, but has adopted a decent and fascinating approach for presenting Iqbal's thoughts. This article also has a comparative analysis of the three translations of the diary. Prof. Abdul Haq's translation was published many times, and every time a new perspective has appeared. In the last publication, Prof. Abdul Haq added new figures, that just not ouly enhance its charm in the world of research and criticism, but also makes him authentic and reliable in this field.