The literary atmosphere of Hyderabad (Pakistan) along with Iqbalyat and its origin

  • Abrar Ahmed Baig


Allama Iqbal (9 November 1877 - 21 April 1938) is a great thinker, intellectual and philosophical poet of the twentieth century. His thoughts and philosophy have equally been beneficial for both the common people and intellectuals. Many nations have been enlightened with his universal message. As his thoughts and philosophy covered a vast domain, it also reached Hyderabad (Sindh) which inspired so many people of letters there also. Before the independence of Pakistan and in the life time of Iqbal, a renowned man of letters, Mirza Qaleech Baig, translated Iqbal‟s poem „Tarana-e-Mili‟ in Sindhi with the name „Islami Tarano‟. Much information on Iqbal‟s work is available in the books and magazines published, in both Urdu and Sindhi by educational government institutions and non- government organizations. Iqbal day ceremony was held in 1938 at Government College Hyderabad. In this large gathering, Teachers, Scholars, Chief guests and Student paid tribute to Iqbal. There seem an increase in the work done on Iqbal after creation of Pakistan. In 1949 the first Iqbal day was celebrated after creation of Pakistan. Huzoor Ahmed Saleem wrote an essay on Iqbal in 1951, Having been inspired in 1951 Qabil Ajmeri focused his “Shaheen” and wrote a poem on Iqbal for giving a tribute. In this way the writers emerge to write on Iqbal with the formation of many organizations. Societies and symposia. Through which various aspects of Iqbal‟s Philosophy were highlighted in Magazine‟s and books published from Hyderabad which have always thrown a reasibable light on Iqbal. They have played vital role in dissemination and frame of his philosophy. In this article the activities done through various platforms regarding Iqbal has been presented which prove that Hyderabad Sindh make vital role for promotion Iqbaliat. In short Hyderabad has a reputation that its writers continued to focus on Iqbal‟s philosophy before and after the establishment of Pakistan. In this connection, various organizations, institutions and associations working on Iqbal have shown regular and uninterrupted services for the promotion of Iqbal‟s philosophy.