A Research Study of Farhang-e-Aasfia, Ameerullughat and Noorulluhghat and their objections

  • Rukhsana Abdul Rasheed
  • Prof. Dr. Syed Jawed Iqbal


It provides a comparative analysis of “Farhang-e-Asfia” vs “Ameerullughat” and “Farhang-e-Asfia” and “Noorullughat”, its consequential findings and biblcism sources of information along with citations have also been described . The rationale for comparative investigation “Farhang-e-Asfia”, “Ameerullughat” and “Noorullughat” is due to the fact that the auther of “Farhang-e-Asfia” blamed “Ameerullughat” and “Noorullughat” for plagiarism. Though critical literalure exists on the demur yet none of the dissertation takes above subject into consideration. Thus, exploring whether the contribution is a crib motive for research and scrutiny. The thesis assesses the conlicting arguments, compares and contrasts the objections and surveys the enviousness among the age.