Non-romantic elements in Akhtar Sheerani’s poetry

  • Farkhunda Jamal


Akhtar Sherani is one of the pioneers of modern Urdu literature and seem to be driven by all those trends and characteristics to some extent. Our modern literature has become a microcosm of its temperament after almost a century of Riyadh. Speaking of Akhtar Sherani's romantic poetry, Tawan's romance seems to flow in a light style with all its energy and sense. The characteristics of romance are more evident in Akhtar Sherani than in other poets. Akhtar did not make obsolete and obsolete articles of Urdu poetry the subject of his speech, but found life once again by blowing life out of the ordinary. Akhtar made valuable additions to Urdu romantic poetry. The ecstasy, fun, enjoyment, lyricism and music in his poetry give a new dimension to Akhtar's poetry. He avoids rotten traditions and turns his attention to imagination. He is brand new. Undoubtedly, Akhtar Sherani is a great romantic poet of Urdu literature. Finding only romance in his poetry would be an injustice of Akhtar. In Akhtar's poetry, along with romance, non-romantic elements or inclinations are also very clear. Akhtar also looked at the rise of other modern poets, religious, military, moral, political and social issues and issues from a corrective point of view and experimented with it. In addition to serious poetry in this circle, examples of humor, satire and humor are memorable. Samples of Akhtar's non-romantic poetry include religious, moral poems, historical poems, social and corrective poems, words and political poems, poems for children and women, landscapes and miscellaneous poems. Despite being devoted to romance, Akhtar has a special interest in realism and its usefulness. Even if Akhtar's romantic poetry is put aside and the other side of his poetry is highlighted, his status in it seems to be high in modern poetry. Meanwhile in this article Non-romantic poetry of Sheerani has been presented which shows that his poetry has multivalued.