The "THE-WOMEN - Anual Research Journal of Gender Studies" strictly follows the policy of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The journal has the following guidelines for authors/contributors. The paper may include a certificate of acknowledgment which must confirm that the work presented in his article is solely his own. 

  • Articles belonging to other than the field of Social Sciences will not be considered for publication.
  • The articles should be related to the disciplines of Pakistan Studies, History, Political science, Public Administration, Sociology, Social work, Economics, International relations, Psychology, Media, and Gender studies.
  • Each issue of THE-WOMEN will be comprised of only 15 articles.
  • The articles must be checked through ‘Turnitin’ software. According to HEC policy, the similarity index of each research article must not exceed the limit of <=19%.
  • The article will not be considered for publication if it has less than 4000 words and not more than 6000 words.
  • In case more than one author of the same article, the principal author need to give the following information regarding the contribution of each author:

Manuscripts should be submitted to:

  1. The Editor, THE-WOMEN - Anual Research Journal of Gender Studies, Institue of Gender Studies, the University of Sindh through online:
  2. Contributors are advised to submit well-researched, original, and unpublished papers.
  3. Only those papers will be accepted which will be submitted through the OJS system.
  4. The manuscript must accompany an abstract of 250 words.
  5. The manuscript should be written on one side of the page not more than 5 keywords according to HEC criteria.
  6. The manuscript must include: (i) Workable topic, (ii) Abstract, (iii) Keywords, (iv) Introduction, (v) Literature review, (vi) Methodology, (vii) Analysis of data (if required), (viii) Findings (if required), (ix) Conclusion/Recommendations, and (x) References.
  7. The article should contain original thoughts written in lucid English and incoherent style. The articles will only be accepted if they are (i) written in the correct English language, (ii) written according to the standards of academic writing.
  8. The author(s) need to submit the hard and soft copies of the manuscript.
  9. The manuscript should not include more than three authors.
  10. The decision of the Editor / Publication Committee of the Centre regarding publication will be final.
  11. The complete title (in bold CAPITALS) of the research paper with the name of the author(s) should be typed at the beginning on a separate sheet.
  12. The title page should have the author’s name, institutional affiliation, email address, and contact details.
  13. Subsequent pages of the title page should only carry a short title at the top, not the name of the author(s).

About Reference

Full reference(s) should be given in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) style as a separate section at the end of the paper.

Track Your Paper

If your article is submitted to a journal and is going through the process of publication, You can send us a request via email about the status of your paper.


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