Sociological Analysis of Fulfilment Regarding Basic Needs of Females at Home with Special Reference to Quetta (Balochistan)

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Shabana Mohammad Anwar
Anam Aqil Khan
Dr. Farida Panhwar


Woman in 3rd world countries faces difficulties all her life. She is considered a useless part of patriarchal society. The male’s supremacy keeps her a step behind of man. Cultural practices support men in treating women unequally at every stage of life. Gender roles describe the duties of male and female, stereotypical roles do not allow the woman to take part in social, political, and cultural activities. In male-dominant societies, males have power of decision making, but the situation is worst in the tribal system. In tribal system, males are considered the strength and honor of tribes, that’s the reason the sons are preferred over daughters. Researcher was interested in highlighting the problems of females at home. The survival of human being is based on basic needs. In tribal system, males are believed to be more valuable than females. The women of tribal system do not have access to proper basic needs of life. They are not aware about their fundamental rights. Researcher conducted survey to find out the effects of gender discrimination regarding the fulfillment of basic needs of women at home. The study was quantitative. For this purpose, the universe was Government Girl’s Degree College of Quetta. 200 students were selected through simple random sampling. The tool of data collection was structured questionnaire. The collected data was examined by SPSS.

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