“Twilight in Delhi”: A Reflection of Psychoanalytic Feminism

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Rizwana Malik
Dr. Fouzia Rehman Khan
Samreen Zaheer


The study is founded on the grounds of psychoanalytic feminism and subscribes to the notion that Ahmed Ali's novel "Twilight in Delhi" is a reflection of Psychoanalytic feminism, a belief that woman is formed socially and culturally. The study aims to find out the interesting psycho-sexual and social elements from the text of the novel that forms the Asian women who are too coy and cowardly to express love openly, too pure and shy to love or to be loved. The study being qualitative tends to verify the formulated statement through content analysis, and for that, both explicit and implicit messages given through the characters in the novel are studied and analyzed. A careful interpretation of the characters of the novel reflects the social making of the female gender in the South Asian Context.

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