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Dr Ambreen Salahuddin


This paper attempts to ascertain the presence of feminist archetypes in the works of Pakistani women fiction writers. Women fiction writers of Pakistan were selected for this study on the criterion of at least two published books; either novel or collected short stories. Another criterion was publication of their works in reputed A category literary journals. For the current study, the archetypes are identified as per the forms of women consciousness. The forms of women consciousness are feminine, female and feminist. One archetype, i.e. the feminist archetype is explored out of the three forms of women consciousness. This study relies on qualitative data collected through theoretical sampling. Thematic analysis technique is applied for the analysis of collected data. For the philosophical and epistemological position of the study, ‘Images of women school of criticism’ is used. Images of women school of criticism explores the images of women as portrayed in literary works. Initially works by men were explored through the theoretical lens of Images of women school of criticism, as to how the male writers portray women in their writings. Later on, the works of fiction by women authors also came in the scope of this school of criticism. Data showed that feminist archetype is rarely present in the works of these women fiction writers, and most of the time if there is a feminist archetype, the context is of sexual freedom alone. Most of the archetypes found in fiction of Pakistan women writers are either female or feminine. However sometimes a transition from feminine to feminist is also visible.

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