High Performance Work System and Women Employee Attitudes: A Female Worker’s Perspective

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Dr. Mohsin Bashir
Dr. Muhammad Shahid Tufail
Dr. Hakim Ali Mahesar


 Societies and organizations have realized the need to encourage the women at workplaces by eliminating the gender preferences. Exploring the tendencies of females at workplace holds significant importance in a country where females constitute almost equal portion of population. This study investigated the university female faculty members’ point of view regarding various job attitudes under the umbrella of high performance work systems. Self-administrated questionnaires distributed among female faculty members of universities across the Pakistan. A sum of 400 questionnaires was distributed, 305 received back and out of them 226 completely filled which considered for data analysis. Data analysis show that HR practices such asHigh selective staffing, Performance based pay, Empowerment, Internal career opportunity, result oriented appraisal and Employment security stimulate positive job attitudes in the shape of organizational commitment and job satisfaction in female faculty members.

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