A Comparative study of the Attitudes of male and female head teachers towards devolution of education in Punjab

  • Dr. Ayaz Muhammad Khan
  • SamiaYasmeen
Keywords: Gender, Head teachers, Devolution in education, Academic, Administrative and Financial matter.


The gender issuesare figured prominently in the area of leadership and management of school now a day. The aim of the research was to investigate this question that whether there is significant difference between the perception and attitude of male and female HTs towards devolution in education. After devolution in educationmale and female head teachers of the government schools have different perception regarding controlling most of the academic, administrative and financial matters of the school.Out of 387 of the total head teachers 341 responded to the questionnaire in which 194 were males whereas 147 were females. By gender HTs perceptions regarding their influence on overall academic, administrative and financial matters show that approximately 81% of the both male and female HTs feel that they have influence over academic matters of the school from some extent to a large extent. So far as administrative matters are concerned 60 % of the male HTs (almost 5% more than females HTs) feel that they have influence from some extent to ever more. 58.4% of female HTs feel that they have influence from some to a large extent in all financial matters which is comparatively high than male HTs 53.25%. So far as power centerregarding financialmatters concerned male HTs wish to diminish powers more than female HTs.