Effects of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) On Teachers’ Skills in Preparing Appropriate Classroom Activities

  • Zahid Hussain Sahito
Keywords: Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Competency, and Learning Activity


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in case of teachers’ competence of planning appropriate learning activity for the students. The conceptual framework of the study includes the variables like CPD and subject knowledge of teachers, CPD and appropriate learning activities, CPD and professional practices, and CPD and organizational perceptions. For the current study quantitative research design was used. The population was the school heads and experts’/ teachers’ trainers. Survey method was used to determine the impact of CPD on the practices of teachers. Population was selected through stratified random sampling. Two different close-ended questionnaires were constructed to get the views of the respondents. One was given to the heads/principals while another was given to the teacher trainers/experts. The responses were then analyzed statically using SPSS Version 22. Based on concrete findings, it was concluded that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) has good impact on the performance of teachers.