Job Satisfaction among Teachers in Faculty of Education, Hyderabad, Campus, University Of Sindh: A Comparative Study

  • Farkhanda Warsi
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Gender, Teacher, University


This study explored Job satisfaction among teachers in faculty of education, university of Sindh. It contributes, how Job Satisfaction pervasive in all filed. Further special focus on teacher’s job satisfaction in university of Sindh, faculty of education. This study is based on quantitative method. The research design used for this study descriptive. All teachers from university of Sindh, faculty of education were selected for this study. Farther, the data collected from the different departments of university of Sindh, faculty of education which include Curriculum, EMS, Computer, Science, Education and Psychology Testing Guidance and Research. For the purpose of data collection questionnaire was used that developed by researcher. Findings of this research shows that job satisfaction in terms of income, promotion, and work load, differential does exist among male and female teachers. University male teachers founded more satisfied with their Income, and workload than the female teachers. On the other hand, teachers in university were found less satisfied with work load. The Quantitative data were presented in the forms of tables, graphs and descriptive for the easy understanding of the reader.