ECE Teacher’s Perception Regarding the Importance of Mother Tongue as Medium of Instruction at Early Education

  • Allah Ditto Rind
  • Karam Ali Shar
Keywords: Language, Mother Tongue, Education, Primary Level.


The mother tongue is a language that a child learns in the lap of his mother. It is the most useful lifelong skill that we learned without attending any academy. This is a language in which children live and learn in their community. The child plays a good role in education through learning their mother tongue. Therefore, it is the most powerful agent to change mental contact and change. The Mother tongue is resolved from all languages. There is a tool to think, and language thinking is impossible. The absorption of the mother is important, the change, development, loss of importance is important; therefore it is the ability to promote the ability of our student, knowledge, ability, and mother's ability to develop self-education in life. The realistic plan is its population language; images and expressions have given facts, and solely produce a form in your mother's language.