An Exploratory Study of Teachers’ Strategies and Practices to Solve Problems and Issues in Teaching

  • Ayaz Ali Mughal
  • Dr. Saleha Parveen
  • Abdul Sattar Gopang
Keywords: Teacher, strategies, practices, problems


No doubt, the education is said to be the backbone for any country for its development and progress. Despite recent achievements, the country, like Pakistan, still faces many problems to improve the education of its population to the standard to meet its current as well as future needs particularly in the province of Sindh. The quality education inputs are rarely provided to children enrolled in public sector schools particularly. The fulfillment of such need can be very helpful in raising the standards of education and knowledge capacity in our children. The study aims to visualize such possibilities where the dream can be achieved. This study aims at understanding processes of becoming a qualified and trained primary school teacher and having great potential to fill the desired gaps in quality education. This study also aims to find out importance of quality education training for teachers who better perform transfer of knowledge among target children especially at primary schools run by public sector. The results of the study show that the willingness of a professionally trained teacher addresses the challenges/issues while teaching the pupils in order to achieve educational objectives.