Enterprises Role of Ngo’s Regarding Health Study of Makran Division, Balochistan Province, Pakistan

  • Waris Ali
  • Shahida Habib Alizai
  • Mohammad Anwar
  • Abdul Sattar
Keywords: NGO’s, health, development, Makran, Balochistan


Much to the nation’s chagrin, in the world the pace of globalization and advancement has registered progress beyond imagination but Balochistan as a whole and Makran Division in particular hardly meets the basic health needs. Growing child mortality rate, poor health of the post-pregnancy mothers and the malnutrition in Balochistan call into question the pledges and slogans of development and prosperity not only by the federal and provincial government, but by the NGO’s as well that are operating freely in the country. The NGO’s working in Balochistan in general and Makran Division in particular, are by no means hailed with good perception as reported by the local people as these organizations have failed to solve local problems of malnutrition, poor sanitation, child mortality.