Adoption of WhatsApp In Online Classes At Higher Education Institutions: An Application of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

  • Gulzar Ali Kaka
  • Dr. Amjad Ali Arain
  • Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Keywords: Assessment strategies, online, Whatsapp, higher education.


Social media is one of the most creative and innovative teaching learning tools (Mistar & Embi, 2016). This study aims to analyze the attitude and perception of the students and teachers through regarding using Whatsapp as teaching learning tool in online classes through Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).Data was collected from the 180 participants through a semi adopted questionnaire administered by Abu-Dalbouh(2013) and Pattanshetti& Kamble (2012) have been taken with minor changes. Quantitative method using survey technique has been applied. All hypotheses were accepted and findings of survey suggested that students and teachers acknowledged the Whatsapp as easy to use and they are satisfied with using Whatsapp for online classes. Students and teachers showed positive attitude towards Whatsapp and majority of the students used Whatsapp as communication and feel that Whatsapp can be the best teaching learning tool as it is easy to access. However some participants showed the negative attitude because of internet issues.