Role of Public Universities in Imparting Quality Education in Pakistan: Issues and Challenges

  • Shaheen
  • Hamid Niazi
  • Abdul Sattar Gopang


This study started with a discussion on the role of Public Universities Imparting in Quality Education Issues and Challenges, developing an understanding of the area of investigation with an objective to understand the influence of curriculum development and teaching practices in the determination of deliverance of quality education among public sector universities in Karachi city. In this study, a quantitative research approach was adopted to empirically investigate the role of university-level curriculum, its development, and teacher's training in the determination of deliverance of quality education. A sample size of 383 was selected for the current investigation. In this regard, a questionnaire was used as a data collection instrument following the survey technique. This study also applied graphical analysis, correlation analysis, descriptive statistics, and regression model-based analysis. This study revealed with findings that there are gaps within educational practices at the university level in terms of curriculum development along with teaching practices to input with positive results in the development of public sector universities.