Factors affecting the Students Intention to use digital learning during the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan: A Case Study

  • Abdul Rahim Chandio
  • Sobia Arain
  • Manzoor Ali Chandio
Keywords: Digital learning, intention to use, COVID-19 outbreak, Perceived ease of use


This study aims to investigate the intention of students to perceive the online learning as an easy and useful to them during theCOVID-19 outbreak which results to impact on their learning management and accomplishment of syllabus. The prevailing study applied initiatives to interpret the students’ perception of students from graduate to Ph.D. level in Sindh that confined to a particular institution the Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur. Survey was adopted to collect data and 215 respondents feedback secured and interpreted via filling questionnaires by means on online and personal approach of researcher to accomplish the task. Five point Likert scale was used to collect the data and test of Hypotheses encircled regressions and correlations.