Violent Online Games and Bullying Behaviour of In-school Adolescents in Nigeria

  • Mustapha Mulikat LADI
  • Mrs. Shakirat Okewole
Keywords: Age, Bullying perpetration, Influence, In-school Adolescents, Violent online games.


Adolescents in Nigeria are as exposed to violent games and movies as their counterparts in the world, this predisposes them to bullying perpetration. This study further investigated how violent online gaming (VOG) impact in-school adolescents' bullying perpetration. Descriptive survey approach was adopted; self-report measure was utilized to gather data on in-school adolescents’ online gaming and bullying perpetration. Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting 7 schools, 400 respondents were selected using proportional and simple random sampling techniques. The data generated were analysed using percentage, Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation and stepwise regression were used. Majority of participants (96.5%) play violent online games. It was also gathered that considerable percentages (27.7%) of the respondents involved in violent online gaming (VOG) perpetrate various forms of bullying behaviours. Significant and direct link exist between VOG and bullying perpetration of the sampled adolescents.