Pygmalion Effect on Secondary School Level Students’ Academic Performance

  • Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
  • Muhammad Nadil Ali
Keywords: Pygmalion effect, Academic Performance, Motivation


The Pygmalion effect influence is a revealing psychological phenomenon exposing higher expectation to someone. Usually teachers expose their expectation to the students, but rarely they are aware about the vitality of their positive expectations (Pygmalion) on the students' performance. This paper aims to examine the impact of Pygmalion sessions on the academic achievements of the students belonging to experimental and control group in the subject of English. This paper also aims to study and compare the Pygmalion effect on academic performance of experimental and control groups. True experimental design was used to collect the evidences of Pygmalion sessions. Results revealed that Pygmalion sessions are highly effective as compare to traditional lecturing. Organizing a Pygmalion session before lecture provides a motivational environment to the students boosts up students' academic performance and directly influence students' motivation.