Emotional Intelligence and research stress among Postgraduate (M.Phil. /Ph.D.) Students at the university level: A correlational study

  • Zain ul Abdin Rind
  • Dr. Amjad Ali Arain
Keywords: Emotion, Intelligence, Research, Stress


This study was designed to find out the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and research stress (RS) of M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars. The sample size was comprised of 200 (156 M.Phil. & 44 Ph.D.) research scholars. and data was collected through random sampling technique. Two research tools were employed; Schutte’s Emotional Intelligence scale was used to measure the general EI of research students and the second tool was developed to explore the research stress of MPhil and Ph.D. students. A significant difference was found (t= -6.000, p= <.001) in the Emotional Intelligence scores of MPhil and Ph.D. scholars. Likewise a significant differences was also found (t= 9.990, p= <.001) in the research stress of MPhil and Ph.D. respondents. Furthermore a negative correlation (rho= -.604**, p= <0.01) was found between Emotional Intelligence and Research Stress among research students. Thus, it is safe to conclude that higher levels of Research Stress (RS) is directly linked with the Lower levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI).