Responding to the Global Changes: A Glance at Educational Development in Asia

  • Dr. Amjad Ali Arain
Keywords: Education, historical development, global change


Asian continent has witnessed the evolution of both man and education. The translational phases based on technological and soci-economic development resulted into education systems that exist today. The rapid development and transformation in education resulted into gaps in education including gender gap. This study had been designed to explore the past and present landscape of education in the Asian continent. The objectives of the study were to explore the historical development of education in the Asia, to analysis the factors affecting the development and to compare the development of formal education system in different parts the region. This study found that the landscape of education is not uniform. Education, globally, has been expanding and transforming very rapidly at levels but in the low income countries it is not so. There is a wide gap between demand and supply. As higher education has very high impact on the economic development of any nation so less developed countries are less developed because their higher education is less developed.