Comparative Analysis of MIMO OFDM System Using Different Fading Techniques

  • U. AHMED
  • M. R. ANJUM
  • A. A. JAMALI
  • M. ZHOU
Keywords: Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequecny Division Multiplexing(MIMO-OFDM),Waterfilling Algorithm, Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR),Bit Error Rate(BER),Quality of Service (QoS),Channel State Information(CSI).


The MIMO technology utilizes different antennas at each terminal of a wireless link and greatly improves the link reliability and spectral efficiency of future wireless communication systems. This technology integrated with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), which is particularly proving a propitious entrant for upcoming next generation wireless systems including both mobile and fixed systems. Itprovides an attractive air-interface solution for next-generation wireless/cellular systems. In this paper Waterfilling algorithm has been used to optimize transmit power for maximizing the capacity. The Waterfilling algorithm successfully solved the problem of power allocation for MIMO-OFDM wireless network and adaptively allocate power to minimize BER performance and increasing the capacity in order to maintain the QoS requirements for a network. The proposed work is investigated by using Matlab tool.