Prevalence of Vitamin D among Women of North Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan Suffering from Osteopenia

  • M. A. KAZI
  • J. MANGI
  • I. B. NAQVI
  • I. AHMED
Keywords: Vitamin D; Osteopenia; DEXA Scan; Rheumatoid Arthritis;


The aim of current study is to investigate the concentration of Vitamin D in women suffering from osteopenia. The present study was performed at Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic center, Karachi, Pakistan. The subjects were informed about the procedure of study and consent was obtained. Total 200 women were included in this study, Dexa scan was performed and out of 200 subjects eighty subjects were selected for the vitamin D analysis based on the Dexa scan score. Subject’s weight and heights were recorded for BMI determination. Vitamin D assay was performed using electro-chemiluminescence technique. Results showed that out of two hundred subjects eight women were suffering from osteopenia. Significantly decreased level of vitamin (18.32 ± 2.14 ng/mL) was found (P<0.001)as compared to the control participant’s (22.72 ± 2.86 ng/mL).The average ages of women were 43.81 ± 8.33 and their mean BMI was 28.14 ± 3.27.Current findings proposed that patients with rheumatoid arthritis particularly in osteopenia supplementation of Vitamin D may protect elderly women suffering from osteopenia.