Role of Recreational Activities in the Development of Social Attributes: A Social Perspective

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Dr. Wasim Khan
Dr. Tasleem Arif
Dr. Sadia Shaikh


This study aims to measure the opinion of the community regarding the role of recreational activities in developing social attributes among youth. The community comprised of teachers, students and parents randomly se-lected from five districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. To collect the data, a sample of 410 respondents from the whole population was selected, utiliz-ing the stratified sampling technique and a five-point measuring tool on the Likert Scale was used. Percentage, mean, ANOVA, independent sam-ple t-test, Chi-square and Pearson correlation were applied for data anal-yses. The analyzed data indicated that there exists a significant statistical difference among the perception of teachers, students, and parents regard-ing the role of recreation in the development of social attributes among youth. Results of the present study indicated that participation in outdoor recreation plays a well significant role in eradicating social evils and is al-so considered as an effective means for the healing of violent behavior among the youth. The data also proved that there is a significant correla-tion between participation in recreation and development of social attrib-utes among youth. The study concluded that all the groups of respondents considered recreational activities as an effective means to improve and promote social attributes among its participants. This supportive ap-proach on part of the respondents will make a valuable base for the estab-lishment of recreational programs to help develop social skills in youth.

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