Strategic Planning For the Improvement of Sports at Grass Root Level in Punjab (Hockey, Cricket and Basketball)

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Hummera Mughal
Maryam Iqbal
Aqsa Shamim Ahmed


Sports have never been seen as a concentrated industry with probable greatness and influence of social, political and business action in Paki-stan. Sports have increasingly notable prospective and positive depiction than any other social drive for health-enhancing physical actions. This re-search mentions three basic divisions of Punjab sports which are hockey, cricket and basketball. It includes all the issues which are faced by Sports Board Punjab and Pakistan Cricket Board regarding above mentioned di-visions in past years and to suggest required advancement for sport sec-tor. The significance of the study is to draw attention to the Government to the underdeveloped areas of sport sector in hockey, cricket and football to enhance it at grass root level. Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan but its ranking is getting low because the management system and strate-gies of the development of hockey department are not proceeded further. Moreover, cricket is a most popular sport in Pakistan. Basketball team of Pakistan also represents at international level and our team won silver medal in 2013 at regional level. From results and discussions, it is evi-dent that hockey is now being improving as compared to previous perfor-mances in the past years. As we know that Pakistan has good taste in cricket so it is still at the top of sports. The strategies planned and imple-mented ratio is satisfactory by PCB. However, basketball needs some at-tention but it has trained coaches, we just need to publicize it. Moreover, at high level, Sports Board Punjab must be based on public and private members by having full knowledge of sports and games.

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