Assessment of Effect of Diet and Exercise on Intervention of Thyroid Hormone, Body Composition & Bone Density

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Saira Aziz Mughal
Syed Muhammad Bilal Gillani
Asad Hussain Shaikh


Every individual takes diet according to own race, climate, region and ritu-als. It can be obtained from cereals, vegetables, fruits, animal milk and meat. Globalization has genuinely impacted dietary patterns of people and con-vinced numerous individuals to eat fast foods having high amount of calo-ries. Individuals need to engage in regular physical activity which causes to release a large number of hormones such as Thyroid hormone. It liberates energy which is helpful to do our daily-life activities. The objectives of this research are: 1) To study the effect of releasing of thyroid hormones during exercise. 2) To study the effect of different types of food on exercise endur-ance.3) To study the effect of exercise on bone strength and density. 4) To analyze the effect of exercise on body composition. 34 participants are select-ed for this study from Jinnah hospital at Lahore. They are weighed and height measured to calculate the BMI. Energy needs are comprised of 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 15% proteins for 3-month program. Each partic-ipant is advised to reduce their caloric intake 750 kcal/day from anticipated energy requirements, which are determined at baseline. Statistical analyses are performed with SPSS software. Data is shown as the mean ± standard deviation (SD). This research shows TSH level decreased and T3, T4 in-creased in intervention period. It explained as 70 % of participant’s heart rate illustrated the best results to improve TSH. Moreover, large negative correlations between diet and BMI were observed. Analysis of variation shows decrease in body weight and body fat percentage and increase in body mass. CHO and PRO intakes increase while fat decreased from pre to post-intervention period. The results of CHO and PRO intakes showed high con-sumption. There is reduction in the bone mineral found among the three groups which denotes the reduction in bone mineral density with age. Least bone mineral density was observed in group C as compared to group A. It is suggested that RMR plays a crucial role in better health regarding thyroid hormones development. Hence this research concludes that diet and exercise have positive and strong relationship with thyroid hormones, body composi-tion and bone density. Body remains healthy while taking regular exercise with proper diet. 

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